Muswell Ave - Garden Under Construction

Our clients are a retired newly-wed couple. They lead an active life and travel a lot. The house is being totally reconfigured and refurbished from inside with natural materials that represent contemporary interiors. Working in collaboration with the architects we have taken this contemporary look out into the garden thereby creating cohesion between the indoor and outdoor areas.

The limestone floor flows seamlessly from the kitchen out onto the upper terrace where there is seating and the garden can be enjoyed. A large picture window from the family lounge frames an aqua colour pool of water. This is repeated further down the garden with a wide rill that stretches the width of the garden. The aqua pools give a Miami resort feel to the garden. Steps lead down to the lower terrace where we have created social spaces for our clients to entertain and dine outside. An outdoor kitchen is installed with a pergola. The social areas are surrounded by planting and the sound of water from the bespoke water feature connected with the rill.

The outdoor dining and lounge area is defined by a change in material using clay pavers. The journey through the garden continues via large bespoke limestone slabs that give an illusion of floating on the water. The pathway is divided using clay pavers and gravel. This allows for drainage and permeability. The pathway leads to another seating area to the right with sofas and a firepit. Pleached trees provide privacy and screen the houses in the back. They not only help to disguise the summer house but create a sense of destination and arrival as you walk through them.

There is structural evergreen planting throughout the garden for winter interest. Amelanchier lamarckii multi-stem trees provide all year round interest. A multi-stem Persian Ironwood tree and a large spindle shrub have been planted for a blaze of colour in autumn. The planting colour palette uses oranges, pinks with hints of purples and whites Hedges have been planted not only for division but structural winter interest. Lighting has been installed on different circuits throughout to create different effects dependent on occasion and use of the garden.

A once neglected garden has been transformed into an inviting garden that is both practical and usable for the clients lifestyle.

The Project So Far

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