Dukes Avenue - Garden Under Construction

Our clients are a young family who have decided to reconfigure, refurbish and extend the house to make it work for their needs. We are working in collaboration with the architects and interior designer to create an garden that is simple but still has a wow factor.

The clients have Greek heritage and we have been inspired by the floor of a Cretan church to create the patio in encaustic tiles with a three dimensional pattern. The patio provides a space for entertaining and outdoor dining. The garden has been brought right up to the house by intersecting the left planting border into the patio and planting a multi-stem tree. This is further extended onto the patio with containerised planting.

The garden has privacy on all side with horizontal slatted fencing that is painted in a moon grey. The lawn provides a safe space for the children to run around.

Slatted horizontal trellis creates a division between the garden and the rear gravel area. This also helps to disguise the shed. The trellis is covered in every green jasmine. The planting borders are cut into the lawn area either side in front of the trellis. Both sides are planted with multi-stem trees. These act like sentinels to the central entry point in the rear part of the garden. The trees have been specially chosen to provide year round interest. We have also maintained the existing tree in the left rear corner to provide the garden with instant maturity. The planting has been designed to be wildlife friendly and give year round interest.

An unloved garden that has been transformed into a simple, elegant family garden.

The Project So Far

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