Survey & Site Analysis

Accurate measurements are crucial for us to develop a garden design that is to scale. We will note all level changes, access routes, dimensions of doors and windows, utilities, materials, existing trees and shrubs even views from the house.

We will test your soil to understand its pH level and quality, in order to advise on improvements and plant selection. The aspect of the garden helps us understand the light conditions through the day. Determining areas of light and shade helps us with the plant selection process.

Once the Design Fee Proposal is agreed, we will carry out a survey and a site analysis.

The survey and site analysis are an important part of the garden design process. This visit is about collecting information, understanding the science of your existing garden and taking lots of photos. This will help us to deliver successful design plans for your future garden.

Using modern equipment and measuring techniques, accurate measurements are taken of your existing garden. These are integral for us to develop a garden design that is to scale. This ultimately helps with achieving an accurate bill of quantities. If measurements are not accurate, materials can be under or over ordered which leads to wastage.

On the survey we will mark gates, entry points and any permanent structures such as sheds or bike stores. This is followed by more detailed identification on the survey. All level changes, dimensions of doors, windows and which direction they open. Height of the damp proof course, air bricks, utilities, central heating vents, drainpipes, manhole covers, outdoor taps, electrical points, outdoor lights, materials, fence heights, existing trees and shrubs, views from the house and any neighbouring trees or structure that might impact your garden are also marked on.

The survey will also take into account any slopes or contours within the garden so they can be accounted for within the design.

Soil analysis is key. Without soil there is no garden. Assessing and understanding the structure and pH of your soil will help us determine what improvements need to be made and what plants will grow successfully in your garden.

We may even dig holes in your garden if we suspect a drainage issue. We can then help find a solution. Notes will be made on the aspect of your garden, where the sun rises, where it sets. This assists us in positioning seating areas where you can enjoy sun or shade. Any problematic areas such as could be dry shade, moist shade or deep shade or even deep shade will be addressed.

The gathered information will be drawn up on our software and you will be sent a copy of this. The next step is at the drawing board. We will start creating Mood Boards and a Concept Plan.

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