Presentation Plan

The Presentation Plan is a scaled drawing of your garden showing the layout, detail of the patio, steps, water features, seating, pergola/gazebo/shed, containers and planting borders. The drawing will also show level changes and materials.

Before we commence the presentation & master plan, we will create a concept plan. Using all the information from our consultation, the site survey and analysis we will create a simple plan showing the different areas and elements of the garden and how they relate to each other. There is very little detail about materials, plants and construction.

The concept plan is presented to you along with mood boards relating to your garden enabling you to get a really good feel for your new garden. At this stage we welcome comments from our clients regarding any major changes or improvements they would like within the design as we want this

Once the concept plan is approved, we go into creative overdrive and the magic starts. Creating the Master and Presentation Plans are all about the detail. Your landscape contractor will use the Master Plan along with the Setting Out Plan, Specification and Construction Drawings to supply a quote to you and then to install your garden.

These form the instruction manual of your garden and ensure that there is no confusion through the build. The Presentation Plan is for you the client. It is a more detailed version of the concept plan.

Supporting the Master and Presentation Plans will be a Setting Out Plan. This plan has all the measurements for the landscape contractor to follow to mark the layout of your garden on the ground. The specification will provide additional information on construction, materials and the standards to be followed. Construction drawings are done for the most difficult elements of the garden. These can be steps, bespoke water features or a pergola….

All the plans and documents are packaged together. These will include

  • Survey
  • Master Plan & Presentation Plan
  • Setting Out Plan
  • Planting Plan
  • Lighting Plan
  • Construction Drawings
  • Specification
  • CDM & Site Risk Assessment

Once the Master Plan and Presentation Plan are approved and signed off by our client the next step is the pretty things…the Planting Plan.

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