The Hedge Factor

Hedges provide instant greenery, they help to reduce noise, dust and slow down wind. They also provide habitat for birds which are great for the garden.

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Autumn Colour

Add autumn colour to your front steps. These pots are so easy and they dont cost much. Best to plant up atleast 3 post so that they can be grouped together to create a WOW factor other wise fill one large pot. I’ve used the following plants:- Variegated Euonymus...

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Spring bulbs

After a long winter slumber we all long for some colour and life in the garden. Spring bulb planting begins in September but save your tulips to be planted in November. Plant them to early and there is the possibility of them suffering tulip fire. To get the greatest...

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Herbaceous Peonies

Peonies are the cream cakes of the flowering world ‘naughty but nice’ and no classic English border should be without them. Peonies do not tolerate waterlogged soil but will do well in clay soil so long as they have good drainage. Start with bare root plants rather...

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Growing your own Bouquet

‘Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.’ The Koran There is a revival of growing your own – fruits, vegetables and herbs, but also flowers to dress your home. More and more people are starting to keep a cutting patch in their garden or allotment...

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Christmas wish list for gardeners

With the festive season fast approaching, inspired by Grow, the lifestyle show for gardeners, Manoj Malde of Couture Gardens has put together this Christmas wish list. Every year this show takes place in the trendy area of Hampstead. Since the show started it has...

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Garden Tour: A Dazzlingly Colourful Outdoor Living Room

The designer of this garden, which sets sculptural plants against vibrant backdrops, was inspired by Mexico Visitors to this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show enjoyed an award-winning and colourful design, dramatically different from any other garden at the 2017 show....

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Winter Gardens

We all suffer the winter blues. We look outside and every thing seems dull and dreary. It does not have to be that way. By selecting the right plants, we can add structure, form and colour in the garden. Evergreen plants such as Fastigiate Yew, Holly and Pittosporum...

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Low Maintenance Gardens

LOW MAINTENANCE GARDEN Many people these days are time poor. If they have a garden, they want to spend limited amount of time working on it but maximum time enjoying their outdoor space. Architectural gardens can be high maintenance. They need to look manicured at all...

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Trilliums grow wild in the forests in North America. The rhizomes are found just under the leaf litter surface so don’t plant them too deep. If planted shallow, the roots contract to drag the rhizome down to the optimum level. If planted too deep the rhizome cannot...

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