Mediterranean Courtyard

Our client wanted reminders of her childhood in Tehran. She remembers the colour in the gardens. She would like to be able to work, relax and entertain in the garden and have a space where she can propagate, grow seeds and plant herbs. Our task is to convert and overgrown courtyards into a beautiful outdoor space.

The garden has a mature olive tree which we have chosen to keep to add instant maturity to the garden. The overgrown climbers at the rear have been removed which has given back the garden much needed space. We drew our inspiration from the colours of Le Jardin Majorelle. The height of the rear wall has been increased with cedar slat fencing, to give privacy from the care home at the rear of the garden. The right hand boundary fence has been replaced with cedar slatting.

We have designed raised, rendered planting borders at different heights to help create rhythm and movement in the garden. These are painted in the Majorelle blue. A small water feature has been installed with water flowing from three copper pipes. Clay pavers have been laid in a classic herringbone pattern which is associated with many Moorish and Islamic gardens. We have also kept the floor permeable allowing surface rain water to penetrate the ground. Stepping into the garden our client is greeted by a kilim rug on the floor that is created out of porcelain tiles.

Integrated benches are constructed that double up as storage. These are painted in a terracotta colour to match the colour of the terracotta oil jars that we have placed at the entrance to the garden. A Moroccan mosaic tiled table is positioned in the seating area.

An outdoor kitchen is installed with under-storage and surface work space. Down the side alley we have created a small herb planting area out of sleepers. Two mini green houses have also been installed for the client to raise her seeds and cuttings. The walls have been decorated with jali screens with the geometric star pattern. These have been spray painted in yellow referencing back to the jali on the windows at Le Jardin Majorelle.

The planting scheme comprises of multi-headed cordylines that resemble palms. Evergreen jasmine drapes the rear wall providing scent when in flower. A cantilevered pergola is covered in jasmine whilst there are climbing roses, clematis and hardenbergia that dress the boundaries. A passion flower from next door adds to the flora and fauna in the garden. We have also included a fan palm and sago palm in the garden. The shrubs and perennials provide pops of orange, pink and purple flowers.

A small courtyard in North London that has been transformed into an urban oasis

Photographs credited to Gardeners World Magazine and Paul Debois. Thank you.





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