Tender Process

Once you have approved the design of your garden, reputable landscape contractors will be invited to tender for the construction of your garden.

Contractors will be provided with the survey, presentation plan, planting plan to provide you with an accurate quote. In addition will create a setting out plan and construction drawings for any bespoke features.

A specification document will be written ensuring a high quality of construction and finish for your garden.

We only work with reputable landscape contractors. To construct your garden our advice is to use the expertise of a BALI or APL registered landscape contractor. You may have a landscape contractor of your own, you may like us to introduce you to a landscape contractor or you may want to tender out to three different landscaping contract companies.

Whichever landscape contractor you engage, they will all require the same information. Building a garden is a complex and intricate process. Thought needs to be applied to

  • Creating just the right fall for the surface rainwater to run off your patio but still being able to position your garden furniture on it with stability.
  • Making sure the foundation of patios, walls, steps, pathways, structure are correctly built so they do not collapse.
  • Pergolas, gazebos and fencing built correctly so they remain upright.
  • Water feature constructed properly so that they are not leaking, overflowing or don’t flood when we have heavy rain.
  • Correct cabling, junction boxes and light fittings are used for external use.

These are the reasons why we create a very precise tender specification document that is supported by accurate construction drawings and all the plans of your garden.

The tender specification will contain the schedule of works and a detailed account of the following during the build process

  • Preliminaries and general conditions which include the management of the works, health and safety and guidelines of conduct of the workmen whilst on site.
  • Hard landscaping covers in depth detail on excavation and filling, concrete, walling, carpentry work, metalwork, painting, paving and steps, fencing, site furniture and equipment, drainage, water supply, ponds and irrigation, site electrics and lighting.
  • Plants and planting covers the delivery of plants on site and their care, excavation of planting pits, correct methods of tree and shrubs planting, tree guying, perennial planting, soil mixes, soil improvement, bulb planting, correct timings for planting, lawn laying, mulching

The tendering landscape contractors will carry out a site prior to using the tender specification, construction drawings and plans to compile a quotation. The quotation will be sent to our office so we can make sure every detail has been covered and there are no discrepancies.

Once we are happy these will then be forwarded onto our clients. Our clients can then make an informed decision as to which contractor they would like to engage to build their garden. If a contractor is really cheap it does raise the question how and why.

At Manoj Malde Garden Design we believe there has to be harmony between Client Designer and Contractor to achieve the best results.

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